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Feel free to donate whatever you can, whenever you want. Every donation is extremely useful to help us reach more people.


With each time you help us achieve our goal, we can provide 1 day of free medical consultation to the population of the village of San Miguel Milpas Altas, which does not have access to health services.

School Sponsorship

With your donation you help a child to attend elementary school for a year, including tuition, school supplies, English lessons and extracurricular activities.

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Each donation helps us cover operating expenses, maximize our coverage for the partnered communities and reach out to new ones. There is no minimum amount or frequency to donate; it is all up to you and, whatever you decide, we are grateful in advance!


Bring health to those in need

Aimed to tackle the immediate need of “San Miguel Milpas Altas”, a village that has no access to healthcare services. For each time we reach our goal, we will be able to provide 1 free clinic day to increase health coverage in this high risk population. On average we deliver care to 25 patients per day. As lined out by the WHO, continuity of care at community level is the best way to achieve a sustainable preventive health model.

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Sponsor a child's education

The cost of primary education for a child over a year is $ 850.00 USD; meaning that primary education, 6 years of study, costs $ 5100.00 USD. This includes registration, tuition, books, supplies and extracurricular activities. Each time we reach the goal we can assure a child primary education.

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Regardless of the purpose of a fundraising campaign, we will always be showing the results of your donations as well as sending notifications and updates to our donors.

give an opportunity

With each donation you give, regardless of the amount, you help a child or adult to have a chance to thrive in life. You are not giving money, you are giving an opportunity!


We fully understand our accountability for your donations. We will made available our financial reports detailing the destination of all the money raised.


With us, you will always have the freedom to decide how much?, how often? and whether or not to donate?. You can give as little as $1.00 or as much as you think is right because we value your intentions, not your wallet!


For each donation you give, regardless of the amount, we are going to send you (via email) a donation receipt authorized by the Guatemalan  Superintendency of Tax Administration.


Our local staff are people with years of experience in the field of Education and Health, our support programs are carefully designed to have a positive social impact and a long-term effect.