Our History...

Kalan Kuxtal Guatemala is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 and legally constituted in Guatemala City, Central America. We are a private, non-profit, non-religious, apolitical, scientific, mutualistic, and inclusive organization. Our main goal is to generate opportunities for sustainable development to people living in underprivileged communities in Guatemala while fostering social awareness, intercultural change and volunteering abroad experiences for foreign students.

"Kalan Kuxtal was born from our desire to help and give to our fellow citizens the opportunities that we have had in life. We know they haven't had those opportunities and it is our responsibility to provide them."

Lily Mendizábal

Co-founder and Treasurer

“Kalan Kuxtal” is an ancient Mayan expression whose literal translation means “Guardian of Life” and we want to become guardians of the lives of those who have been neglected in our society.

We, the founders of Kalan Kuxtal Guatemala, have had the privilege of an opportunity for education, access to health, employment and blossoming; however, we are aware that inequity and injustice prevail in Guatemalan society, which is reflected by the high rates of poverty.

"Kalan Kuxtal is a Mayan expression whose literal translation means -Life Guardian-"

Ma. Olga Mendizábal

Co-founder and Chairwoman

People from low- income families have low expectations in life unless we do something about it, thus, we are committed to provide the same opportunities we have had for those who need it the most.

Currently in our country there are thousands of women without access to medical care, children deprived of proper education and elderly citizens without the care they deserve. These vulnerable social groups are our target population and we have designed different approaches to assist them through educational and health programs.

Help us to promote people's health, help us provide an educational opportunity to Guatemalan children. Help us transform hundreds of lives.


Our Mission

Provide an opportunity for development to people living in underprivileged communities in Guatemala through health, education and cultural projects.

Pioneering a holistic volunteer experience whose cornerstones will be service-learning, scientific research, cultural exchange, social impact and sustainability.

Our Vision

Our Goals



Design, execute and evaluate social projects aimed to deliver free healthcare and education for low-income families.


Cultural Interchange

Strengthen the leadership skills as well as social and charitable awareness in both Guatemalans and volunteers through a cultural exchange.


Social Support

Promote physical, mental and emotional growth in our volunteers, staff members and beneficiaries.



Contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Scientific Research

Generate databases that lead new scientific research projects focused on health management and community epidemiology.


Measurable Impact

Demonstrate the social impact of our projects, campaigns and volunteer programs through detailed statistical reports and transparent funds management.